If you back in the first 48 hours, you get a FREE FLANGED MACE for your figure!

If you are being forwarded to this page from the Backerkit Launch Page then you are already signed up for alerts.

Figure comes with 

  • Cursed Sword
  • D8 Flail
  • Battered Shield 
  • Zine by Pelle and Johan 
  • Package designed by Johan 


Dread Risen Zine by Johan and Pelle lets you summon your own Skeletal Undead with tables, making it your own custom figure. Writing by Pelle and art by Johan.


Plastic shell package with removable cardboard back that allows you to remove the figure, but not damage the package. We will have mockups to show when we launch the campaign. 

Stretch Goals include

  • More weapons with the figure
  • Additional weapons box 
  • Detachable heads
  • Zine upgrades 


We are working with Panda Game Manufacturing it make sure the figure is of the highest quality we can get. We have worked with Panda on projects in the past and trust their expertise. 


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