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We've created over  30 successful Kickstarters to fund our projects in the past 5 years. Crowd funding allows us to experiment with new products, take chances, and create projects that live outside the mainstream. We'd like to thanks the thousands of people who have helped Severed Books grow, pledge by pledge. 

One of the most important things you can do when running a successful Kickstarter is to offer affordable shipping right up front. This means for domestic and international customers. 

If you're looking for a fulfillment solution with highly competitive international and domestic rates , please email me directly at severedbooks at We can also help you with super prices on book and t-shirt printing. 

If you have a question about your Kickstarter pledge or order, please email me at justinedwardsirois at gmail dot com with your pledge number and the campaign you pledged to.

If you pledged and are waiting on a Kickstarter to be fulfilled, please email us directly at justinedwardsirois at gmail. We do not get alerts when people fill out their surveys late or forget to give us their address on Kickstarter.

When you email us, please provide:

  • Which Kickstarter you pledged for 
  • Your name used via Kickstarter 
  • Backer Number
  • Your favorite pizza topping

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