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Midgard was one of our favorite events we've ever tabled and we will be back in 2023. 

Severed Books will be tabling Gen Con this year! 2023. 
More soon.

with Nick Pitarra

2 books by Brian Evenson - RPG Modules 
Mork Borg & Mothership

DECEMBER 2 - 4 in Philadelphia, PA

We will have a big booth at PAX Unplugged 2022

We will be tabling at Origins this year (2022)!

We are at the corner booth #1463 


Massive Gelatinous got Best Dice of 2021 by

Come on out to Full Tilt Brewery and party with us. 
Severed Books Pop-Up Shop and Exclusive Merch

Severed Books POP-UP shop on Friday and Saturday of Black Friday:

The Party Backstory Generator is part of an epic Bundle of Holding 

We're on the cover of Dragon Magazine


Planning to crowdfund your tabletop game on Kickstarter?  Join BackerKit alongside guest Justin Sirois (Severed Books) for a special Gen Con Online webinar covering all the do’s and don’ts when crowdfunding.

Justin has prepared an awesome mini presentation titled "Five Kickstarter Secrets from Keeping it Fun to Killing the Fulfillment Game" followed by a LIVE Q&A to ask all your burning questions.

Expect to Learn:

  • Updates on the current state of crowdfunding in 2020 and beyond

  • How to build a strong community around your game

  • How to find your niche and develop your brand

  • The importance of an excellent backer experience and getting fulfillment right

  • How BackerKit can help you succeed

BackerKit is the leading expert when it comes to crowdfunding your game on Kickstarter.They’ve got the tools and resources needed to set creators up for success, run strong campaigns, and deliver a trustworthy backer experience.

Severed Books publishes fiction, games, and RPG modules. Since 2012, they've had a series optioned for television, expanded into tabletop gaming, and have run 20+ successful Kickstarter campaigns. They believe that RPGs are at their best when they are DIY - you can create the world you want. Creativity is freedom.

*Hosted  by David Perlmutter
Tabletop Creator Outreach, BackerKit

RSVP and mark your calendar for Friday July 31st at 11AM PST



We will be tabling at Baltimore Comic Con in October! We'll have dice tray, dice, games, books, and more.
Severed Books will be skulking around PAX UNPLUGGED. If you spot us, ask us for some free dice or stickers and we will give you some.

 Severed Books tabled at MIDGARD in fall of 2018 and it was absolutely amazing.

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