Severed Books publishes fiction, games, accessories, and RPG modules. Since 2012, we've published a lot of fiction, had a project optioned for TV/film, expanded into tabletop gaming, and have run over 30 successful Kickstarter campaigns. We believe that RPGs are at their best when they are DIY - you can create the world you want. Creativity is freedom.

Collaborations include: Aaron Draplin (Draplin Design Company), The Dead Milkmen with Andrew Ervin, Head Lopper's Andrew MacLean, Ax-Wielder Jon's Nick Pitarra, and meta horror legend Brian Evenson.

If you pledged and are waiting on a Kickstarter to be fulfilled, please email us directly at severedbooks at gmail.com. We do not get alerts when people fill out their surveys late or forget to give us their address on Kickstarter. 


If you own a brick and mortar or online shop and want to carry our loot, we love selling direct. Email justinedwardsirois at gmail.com. for pricing. 

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is personal and we take that seriously. We will never share your email address or other data with anyone.


Justin Sirois [owner, writer/artist/product developer]

George Holland [writer/creator]

Nathan Carter [editor]

Dan Rumain - Lone Ape Audio Lab [music]

Severed Books is a Limited Liability Company

Limited Editions


Beneath Hardcover (book one only) - 200
Beneath Black Box - 100
Lost Tomb of the Bitchin' Chimera - 1,750
Tomb of the Pale Cow - 1,100
Lost Tomb Box Set - 450
Caver and Cube first edition - 500
Darkest Rock - 500
SIS/TR Standard Edition - 600
SIS/TR Silver Limited Edition - 250
SIS/TR Gold Limited Edition - 50
A Dark Glinting with Metal Standard Edition - *
A Dark Glinting with Metal Box Set - 300
Sickest Witch Limited Edition - 200
Sickest Witch Standard Edition - 400


Sickest Witch - 1,000 
Sickest Wizard- 400
Settlers for Satan - 75 


Master of Dungeons (hard enamel version) - 2.5" - 300
Roll of Caffeine - 2.5" - 300
Duke Vader with gold foil sticker - 250


Massive Gelatinous I (New Skull / Glow with Red Ink / Goat Bag) - 100
Massive Gelatinous Ninja Cube - 200
Massive Gelatinous II (Glow with White Ink) - 150
Massive Gelatinous II (Blood with White Ink) - 200
Massive Gelatinous II (Blood with No Ink) - 100
Massive Gelatinous II (Glow with No Ink) - 100
Knuckle Buster Sets (25mm) with Dice Bag - 250


Severed Books Black Metal Logo (first edition) - 100

Initial Beneath Play Testers

A very special thanks to the people who helped with our very first RPG book.

Jimmy Bonner
Kevin Sherry
Noel Conrad
Kendal Marie
Jamie Perez
Shaun Preston
Michael Kimball


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