Severed Books publishes fiction, games, and RPG modules. Since 2012, we've had a series optioned for television, expanded into tabletop gaming, and have run 17 successful Kickstarter campaigns. We believe that RPGs are at their best when they are DIY - you can create the world you want. Creativity is freedom.

If you pledged and are waiting on a Kickstarter to be fulfilled, please email us directly at justinedwardsirois at gmail. We do not get alerts when people fill out their surveys late or forget to give us their address on Kickstarter.


Justin Sirois [owner, writer/artist]

Mary Sirois [Art Books Director]

George Holland [writer/creator]

Nathan Carter [editor]

Cover and Interior Artists:

Eve Ventrue
Evgeni Maloshenkov
Scott Buoncristano
Luke Eidenschink  

Severed Books is a Limited Liability Company
in Baltimore, Maryland

Severed Books has partnered with Flying Cloud Fulfillment to ship out our larger Kickstarters on time and internationally. They have been a vital part of our growth

Initial Beneath Play Testers

A very special thanks to the people who helped with our very first RPG book.

Jimmy Bonner
Kevin Sherry
Noel Conrad
Kendal Marie
Jamie Perez
Shaun Preston
Michael Kimball