The Caver-Verse is a system-neutral world where caves come alive -- adoptable juggernauts that players can live in and cause maximum havoc. Created by Justin Sirois, this series is compatible with other Severed Books products like the Party Backstory Generator, Massive Gelatinous Monster Manual, Dungeon Dealer, and Sealed Inside. 

You can order book 1 now here

Caver shirts in different colors on Amazon (free shipping with Prime) US only

This is what is coming in early 2022

Absolutely Massive Caver Mini
Solid plastic, heavy, and exclusive to Severed Books

This is a painted version of the nearly 2 pound Caver. 


Book Zero - Caver Arise
A One-Shot that introduces the world of Caver and is also
a prequel to book 1.


The C20 - an oversize D20 for making random cave maps.


Lu the Cube Minis - 2" (51mm) minis 
of the character from the series.

 Caver by Diogo Nogueira