"Beneath challenges the conventional idea of the 'Dungeon crawl' in so many ways and succeeds in them all. It is radical yet well crafted, it is shocking yet thought provoking, it is familiar yet intensely Alien. If roleplaying is a Tree with all the various games and genres spreading out from it, then 'beneath' is one sick and twisted branch that waits for all brave travelers who dare to tread their foot upon."  Jay of Colosseum Rex (U.K.)

All three softcover books - 600 pages - the entire series for $39.99
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Beneath, the Inverted Church - Buy here

A brutal campaign that takes 25-30 hours to complete.

136 pages
37+ maps
12 illustrations by Scott Buoncristano
Cover by Eve Ventrue

Mature content - Adults only

Beneath, Players Handbook 1.1 - Buy here

A valuable resource for Beneath players, includes item lists, CragLee index, NPC stats, and a 50+ page GM-less side quest named Siblings of the Sea.

Back of the book has a Dungeon Dealer random room and hallway generating table.

108 pages
15+ maps
10 illustrations by Scott Buoncristano
cover by Evgeni Maloshenkov
Mature content - Adults only

The Beneath Black Box set, limited edition of 100



Here's the Kickstarter link for book 2.