Why play Beneath? Beneath is a Trap

Beneath is a series that both celebrates and criticizes the tropes and clichés of RPGs from the Satanic Panic to traditional sex/gender roles. The sexuality and Satanism in the series isn't just a plot device, it's a commentary on the genre. Therefore, it takes a mature group of players to tackle this adventure. We've seen the lowest common denominator interpret this material in a very misogynistic manner and the outcomes have been sadly cliché. Fittingly, interpreting Beneath in an immature way speaks to the very thing that the series is addressing. Beneath is a fucking trap... don't fall in it.

Both protagonists in Beneath are female: Hannah and Emily. The series, in no way, is meant for the game master to exploit these characters sexually.  

Beneath begins very linearly with the intent of introducing new game masters and gamers to tabletop roleplaying. The railroading in the beginning is also a metaphor -- choices only open once the players are exposed to The Invert. In this way, book 1 is a teaser for the series and is not meant as a stand-alone adventure. Book 1 could also be a jumping off point for your own adventure if that fits your creative style.

TIPS (and spoilers via link below):

There are many secrets in Beneath that even the game master won't understand until they read both books 1 and 2. If you're running Beneath and want some tips, click here. Warning, there are spoilers.


Forgo the Black Metal this time. Beneath is ethereal. Balam Acab, Clams Casino, and Holy Other.

Holy Other

VVITCH soundtrack is an easy one

 Witch House Mixes

 "Beneath challenges the conventional idea of the 'Dungeon crawl' in so many ways and succeeds in them all. It is radical yet well crafted, it is shocking yet thought provoking, it is familiar yet intensely Alien. If roleplaying is a Tree with all the various games and genres spreading out from it, then 'beneath' is one sick and twisted branch that waits for all brave travelers who dare to tread their foot upon."  Jay of Colosseum Rex (U.K.)

In-Depth Review of Beneath, the Inverted Church
by Undead Viking


Beneath, the Complete Series (Amazon)
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Beneath, player's handbook 2.0 (Amazon)


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