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I'm new to all this. How does it work?

Well, you'll need a Game Master (GM) to run Beneath. If you're the Game Master and you're new to tabletop RPGs, use The Black Hack. It's simple and awesome and it'll let you put the story first and build a system that you enjoy. Get it HERE for only $2.

What systems should I run Beneath with?

We think you can adjust most systems to Beneath. D20 is an obvious choice, but Dungeon World and Burning Wheel would work just as well. This series is loose and gives the GM a lot of control over stats.

Mirrors? Washrooms? Mines? Where is this?

The world of Beneath has been bent and tainted by the Inverted Cupid who lives between time and space. As a pacifist demon whose mission is to create one singular and loving race, it has given "gifts" of inspiration to its potential disciples. Some are practical. Some are dangerous. Some are just strange.

What's the best way to adjust levels in Beneath?

Modify NPC stats as you see fit. Even if the players have the Player's Handbook, the NPCs don't have to fit the exact stats. GMs can use the laws of The Invert to their advantage as well. The Invert can heal and, in turn, The Inverted Cupid can use The Invert to its advantage. "In the mirror, of the mirror... we the mirror."

How many hardcovers of Beneath, the Inverted Church were printed?

Only 200. It's a very limited edition.

How many books will the Beneath series be?

At least 2. If people love the story, I'll keep writing them. Book 2 will be on Kickstarter in the fall of 2017.