Beneath Book 2 is on Kickstarter now.

Two Girls (Kindle Press)

Two Girls won a publishing contract with Amazon's Kindle Scout program. The eBook is sold exclusively via Amazon while Severed Books published the paperback.



So Say the Waiters, paperback and audio book (optioned for TV) - Buy here

"kidnApp is so real, it's almost scary."

Hugh Howey, author of Wool

Beneath, the Inverted Church - Buy here

A brutal campaign that takes 25-30 hours to complete.

136 pages
37+ maps
12 illustrations by Scott Buoncristano
Cover by Eve Ventrue

Mature content - Adults only

HARDCOVER HERE (limited edition of 200)

Beneath, Players Handbook 1.1 - Buy here

A valuable resource for Beneath players, includes item lists, CragLee index, NPC stats, and a 50+ page GM-less side quest named Siblings of the Sea.

Back of the book has a Dungeon Dealer random room and hallway generating table.

108 pages
15+ maps
10 illustrations by Scott Buoncristano
cover by Evgeni Maloshenkov
Mature content - Adults only

Back of the Player's Handbook