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This is half short illustrated story and half RPG guide to using Cavers in your tabletop RPG. System-neutral. Cavers are Medieval mechs meets mobile home -- fun lumbering rock-people with intricate guts. 

Limited Edition Version: 8.5 x 11" - 60 pages - 100# cover / 80# paper / tons of illustrations.

Stone Over Sky 

This system-neutral adventure book functions as a Caver Book Zero as well. Outside the gates of Falkirk, a Doom Drake circles the sky. Its only interested in finding a mate, but its daily presence brings violent storms that flood the surrounding farmland and drive people made with constant booming thunder. If you decide to help rid the area of this massive pest, you'll meet a few unusual peoplea "Fang Smith" who wishes to do away with a witch who lives in a nearby cave.

Choose your alliances carefully. Check every corner for odd treasure. And know that friends can be made in the most usual of ways.

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"The Party Backstory Generator is a collaborative storytelling supplement that’s a helluva lot of fun for you and your players. It’s sort of like a workbook from your college lab class in that you get to draw out the starting region for your campaign, but everyone gets to collaborate and add their own touch so your whole group is invested in the setting. This book is a fun improv exercise that will get your group off to a great new start." --- LUKE GYGAX 

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