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We're excited to launch our next Kickstarter:  Darkest Rock - Mork Borg Module / OSR RPG , launching on Thursday August 18 at 11am EST. The first 100 people to pledge for a physical book get a FREE Occult Dice Set (blood splatter on yellow dice with black ink).  A brutal delve into a living cave. In Darkest Rock, adventurers will explore a Vile Geyser, a living cave that they can, if they work hard enough, befriend as a massive walking Caver familiar. But death awaits at every turn. No single chamber stands alone -- each one has items or familiars that activate other parts of the environment. Horrid Corpse Worms feed on equally deadly bile-filled Gelatinous Cubes. The Ryja-Krek, a cult who has burrowed into this cave's guts, will capture and torture anyone who jeopardizes their temple. If you're cunning, you may survive. SIGN UP HERE to be one of the first people to pledge for  physical book and get a FREE OCCULT DICE SET: +  PREORDER HERE for  limited time + SHOP HERE Our

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