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Sign up for the day-one alert here SIS/TR  is a puzzle of sorts -- a 2x2" mini with four attack modes (attack/hack/defend/retreat) as well as a face and rear. Deploy one of three turrets with their own six variables and the combinations are in the... thousands? Rules allow it to interact with its environment including infecting systems, manipulating mechanicals, and turning crew against crew. This is an approved third party Mothership RPG product launching late this month.  Writers: Justin Sirois / George Holland Art and Design: Justin Sirois  Guest turret designer: Brian Evenson  Like our previous line, the cubes are resin, but these are solid and durable. Black with silver ink for SIS/TR and gray with silver ink for the turrets.  This project includes  SIS/TR ( Main 51mm cube / three 25mm turrets / box )   60+ page hardcover book with adventure  3x4 foot map with 1 inch grid - The Vespucci 7 Explorer  + SHOP HERE Our  Etsy shop  is the place to get all of our loot. We love it fo

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